matching sets

Even though I wear mismatched bra and knickers some of the time – pulling on the first of each that comes out of the drawer in the morning or aiming to wear a set and finding the other part is still in the laundry basket – there are times when unmatched underwear will simply not do. For me, there are three occasions when it has to be a matching set.

The gymn – It’s not that I parade around without my top layer of clothes, I’m more of a ‘get changed under a towel’ type. I don’t dry my hair in a thong at home so I certainly would do it in a changing room full of other people.  Perhaps I think that a glimpse of gorgeous bra and knickers will draw other women’s eye away from my shortage of nipples. They will notice the matching underwear rather than the unmatched boobs.

The hospital appointment –  I’ve not always worn matching sets to appointments. I always wore what my husband calls my ‘lucky pants’. After wearing the same pair for two consecutive appointments and getting rather better news than I was expecting, I became superstitious and could only enter the hospital grounds in my large cream and pink pants. I still have them in my drawer, neatly folded, just in case my luck runs out. My LPs saw me through two lots of surgery (although after one lengthy operation they were returned to me in a labelled bag like an overenthusiastic child’s first day at school); appointments to discuss a histology report; MRI and CT scans; each chemotherapy and the first and last radiotherapy. (Even I couldn’t wear them each day for three weeks – although I did think about it).

Perhaps it was a marker of my move from deep fear about an appointment to measured optimism which meant that I could enter the hospital in a different pair of pants. Now I dress to impress – it has to be a matching set. It’s not that anyone has ever asked to see my knickers during a breast examination, but you never know.

Lunch with anyone more attractive than me/The special night out – I could have the most expensive, gorgeous dress on and still feel scruffy if I didn’t have gorgeous, matching underwear on too. This time it’s not about dressing to impress, it’s dressing for me.  Beautiful matching bra and knickers makes me feel more confident, more attractive and walk taller.

And I thinks that’s the nub of it, wearing matching lingerie makes me feel more confident, like I’m striding out rather than lurking in the shadows. And I’m always safe in the knowledge that if I did have the misfortune to be knocked over by a bus then I wouldn’t be displaying my dingy grey knickers in A and E.

Non-wired bra, Freya Rosie non-wired bra in white

Freya Rosie soft cup matching set

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